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This was a plan to have a minor recurring character in the show and flesh out their online life, before they returned at a later point in the series.Having followed the online narrative would have in turn enriched the television experience for the audience.you shouldn't be, just by boldly striding in as if you know exactly where you are going, whilst wearing an unfashionable jacket and a pre-occupied look.Which is how I found myself on Wednesday in a Q&A session at the BBC about the multi-platform nature of the Doctor Who brand.Another confession exposed the sometime Byzantine communication within the BBC, as the Doctor Who team found themselves doing mp3 podcast commentaries for the show, totally oblivious to the fact that elsewhere in the BBC the podcast trial was still a trial, and was in the process of being carefully evaluated for public value by the BBC Trust Some old media habits die hard however.

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', and that has been the guiding principle of deciding what is OK for Doctor Who and the current off-shoots.

She said that it had been great for the new media people to sit with the production team. Peter asked her if sometimes she didn't just wish that instead of this multi-media empire she just had a really succesful 7pm Saturday TV show.

She said she didn't think you could do that anymore.

Julie explained that as the Exec Producers on the show, her and Russell felt that with every series, if they were "not doing something new" in the multimedia field, then they had failed.

However, Julie also was quite clear that: She also revealed some tension between the TV and the multi-platform production.

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