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Realizing he has no way to get out of going on the show, and that he still can't control his self-inflicted TS, Cartman prays to God for a miracle.

Meanwhile, Kyle teams with Thomas, who realizes Cartman is faking it and is worried that Cartman's appearance on the show will make others think TS is fun and copy him.

Cartman decides to pretend he has the disorder as well so he can get away with shouting obscenities himself, and successfully convinces his mother and a doctor, who diagnoses him with TS and notifies the school.When the pedophiles come into the studio and see Hansen, they all assume it to be a bust on To Catch a Predator and shoot themselves, sending panic through the studio and forcing everyone to flee.Both Kyle and Cartman go into the front stage to see the pedophiles dead from shooting themselves.It was not designed as the season premiere, but rather as a "bank" episode, produced mostly prior to the run to allow the team a few days off later on in it.Parker noted that occasionally, when producing episodes such as this, Comedy Central would view early animatics and get nervous about the content.

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