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It is a dog of considerable size with a lean body built for speed and endurance and is believed to share a common ancestor with the Pharaoh hound.The Saluki Hound is also known by the other names of the Gazelle Hound and the Persian Greyhound.The Saluki, over time, traveled throughout the Middle East with nomadic tribes.They proved to be skillful hunters, as most hounds tend to be, running in packs and following signals from falcons who would lead them to prey.The graceful and elegant saluki, also known as the Arabian hound or the Persian greyhound, may be the oldest known breed of domesticated canine.Images of the dog can be found in ancient carvings (dating back to 14,000 BC) and other artwork, and their mummified bodies have been found in the tombs of their masters.

The Honorable Florence Amhert spent nearly 30 years breeding Salukis by herself, until soldiers returning from war in the Middle East brought their pet Salukis home with them.

English Salukis were exported to many countries, but by the mid-1930s, interest slackened, and with the outbreak of World War II, breeding and show activities almost entirely stopped.

The number of litters was minimal – just enough to keep the breed alive.

of an individual is defined as the probability that the two genes this individual has in a locus are identical by descent, i.e., they are both inherited from a common ancestor.

The Saluki is a Sighthound that originates from the Middle East.

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