Physical boundaries christian dating couples

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Although her social circles revolve around the glitterati of the fashion and entertainment industry, she says it was not easy finding dates.

"People think it is easy to get to know new people because we meet a lot of people in this industry.

The most tight-lipped of the three pairs are Liu, 37, and Chan, 35, who were first spotted shopping at Chinatown's Chinese New Year Bazaar last year.

Since then, they have kept a low profile and rarely talk about their love life in interviews.

Is someone spritzing pheromones in the air at Mediacorp?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, The Sunday Times checks in with the new couples to find out more about their budding romances.

She was a child actress and recently starred in Channel 5's Rojak (2016) and Web series K. What if there are going to be physical scenes in the course of their work, such as the steamy one where Pow made out with actress Oon Shu An for local anthology movie, 4Love (2016)?

Wang says: "That was before we got together, so I don't care.

In between takes, they chatted about travel and books, and bonded over their Christian faith.

At some point, she gave him a book about travelling by Taiwanese singer Cheer Chen.

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