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Manitowoc, established in the 1830’s was also home to missionaries from various Protestant denominations.

These religions pioneers laid the foundation for the vibrant spiritual community in modern Manitowoc/Two Rivers. Mix a long tradition of quality education, dating from our earliest schools, and the enjoyment of our beautiful outdoors over the decades, and you’ll find that Manitowoc County (from the Chippewa word “Munedoo-owk” meaning “The Place of the Good Spirit”) has always been and continues to be a wonderful place to live, build a business and raise a family.

I think Manitowoc's "political status" as liberal, moderate, or whatever is difficult to establish, and the best way to discuss it in an encyclopedic way is simply to state the current mayor, board, etc. --mtz206 , 17 March 2006 (UTC) Can we add Pinecrest Historical Village / Manitowoc County Heritage Center? They are in the process of raising money to restore the original glass cupola.

The Courthouse and 8th Street are on the Register of Historic Places.

It, combined with this not-very-attractive photo of downtown Image: Manitowoc Wisconsin.jpg, detract from the "image" of Manitowoc, IMO. A much better downtown image would be of the Capital Civic Center or Beernstein's.

Alas, I'm far from Mtwc, so I can't take them myself. What is the reason for the inclusion of Father Felton's photo?

If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. Betacommand Bot (talk) , 14 February 2008 (UTC) Question from Sammytsunami: “Manitowoc”, is a city in and the county seat of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, United the state of WI.

According to Wisconsin Historical Society, The first constituent, "manito," is conceded by all to be the Indian word for spirit, or mysterious influence; hence "spirit land," "devil's den," etc., have been assigned as its meaning (Wis.

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