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Reports of the affair came from on-set sources but the rest was all according to Woods, who sued Young for “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” She denied it and the matter was settled out of court, but not before the whole ordeal landed them both on the cover of "People." less1989: James Woods vs. Frank Sinatra O’Connor caused an uproar when she refused to allow the National Anthem to be played before a concert of hers at New Jersey’s Garden State Arts Center, which was the venue’s tradition. With a limp and a bruise, Kerrigan was unable to compete at the Championships the next day, handing Harding the win. “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” she revealed, while also admitting she’d been unfaithful. Six months after that, Biggie suffered the same fate. At the end of the season, O’Neal was traded and the feud became a slightly healthier inter-team rivalry. Shaquille O’Neal One of the biggest sports feuds of all time wasn’t between rival teams — it was a power struggle between two giants on the Lakers. Allow Carter himself to explain this sordid love triangle: "I started dating Hilary on my 13th birthday.Sean Young Now known for his bizarre, anti-LGBTQ tweets, James Woods was once embroiled in an even more bizarre battle with his "The Woods" co-star, Sean Young. Sinatra performed at the Center a few days later and told the audience that O’Connor should leave the country, but also that he’d like to meet her, so he could “kick her in the ass.” She responded the next year, saying, “I can’t hit this man back, he’s, like, 78 years of age, and I’d probably kill him.” In 1992, O’Connor would go on to have an even bigger feud with the Pope when she tore a photo of him in half on "Saturday Night Live." less1990: Sinead O’Connor vs. As Kerrigan lay on the ground famously crying, “Why? But Kerrigan had the last laugh, recovering in time for the Olympics and defeating her rival. Tonya Harding These ice princesses were both at the top of their game when Kerrigan was brutally attacked after a practice for the U. It got so much attention that a month later, the Queen wrote the pair a letter telling them to hurry up and divorce already. Princess Diana The People’s Princess and her husband, Prince Charles, had separated way back in 1992, and the dissolution of the royal couple’s marriage was a source of endless ... I was dating her for like a year and a half, and then I just got a little bored, so I went and I started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay." Carter then broke up with Lohan and got back together with Duff. Lohan wasn’t happy about it, as evidenced by her shady "Saturday Night Live" opening monologue featuring Rachel Dratch as Duff.“Debbie and I have really never been friends — up until now, which is funny,” she said, before revealing where the source of the drama may have originated. Eminem Eminem got real shady when he dropped this jaw-dropping line in “The Real Slim Shady”: “Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs, so I can sit next to Carson Daly and ... Jay-Z The two rap titans’ feud dated back to 1996 when they began taking coded shots at one another in their music.

Tiffany Like MJ and Prince before them, these ‘80s pop tarts first battled it out on the charts — Gibson’s first album "Out of the Blue" bowed in August, while Tiffany’s ... Jackie Collins"Dynasty" soap star Joan Collins and her salacious novelist sister Jackie Collins were known for their sibling rivalry. In the third round of the now-notorious “Bite Fight” between the two boxers, Tyson bit off a chunk of cartilage from Holyfield’s ear. The beef reached a fever pitch, though, in September 2001 when Jay released ... Mariah Carey In 2001, the rapper met with Carey to talk about laying down a track together and that somehow turned into dating for a bit — at least according to him.Naomi Campbell Campbell was one of the biggest supermodels on the planet, having graced the covers of many magazines, including as the first black woman on "French Vogue." But come Paris ... David Letterman The biggest beef in late-night history reached the sizzling point when Leno officially began hosting "The Tonight Show," replacing Johnny Carson. David Letterman, who hosted his own NBC show in the slot after Carson’s, was widely expected to land the gig. In an interview with "Jet", she claimed Smith got her fired because she had to reprimand “him constantly for being rude to people and locking himself up in his room.” Hubert unsuccessfully sued Smith for “slander, negligence, and emotional distress” later that year, and decades later, she still hates his guts. Allow Carter himself to explain this sordid love triangle: "I started dating Hilary on my 13th birthday. But after three seasons, reports surfaced that their friendship had imploded.The 1991 shocker led to an appearance where Carson asked Letterman, “Just how pissed off are you? Hilton confirmed the news in a statement, telling "People," “Nicole knows what she did, and that’s all I’m ever going to say about it.” So what’d she do?The two late stars stayed quiet at the time, so not much more is known about why they butted heads, but according to "Rolling Stone" editor and Jackson biographer Steve Knopper, that silence was intentional.“I think both of those guys had an interest in keeping it somewhat mysterious because they are both mysterious dudes,” he told Esquire.

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