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Well here's both" and it had a whole bunch of girls in Bikini's moving timber around. Anyone remember when Hal Todd used to host late night movies on channel 10 back in the late 1970's / early 1980's with lots of live adverts. Toddy used to do ads for "Del-Monte suits" and this one for "Golden Casket" jewellers who are still in business at same location 30 years later there's a few jingles that I still remember from the old days... ksepoulima sto franco cozzo, trapezaries, krevatokamares, karekles apo to franco cozzo, elate na agorasete epipla sto franco cozzo! I love watching the old Aussie car commercials from the past. Not to forget the Smith's Chips Gobbledok commercials. v=9a Tyvd OLBd A Dick Smith Commercial – 1982 (the wizz kids) The first one I watched said something like "You like timber and you like bikinis? v=Bbs6x L3Fil M Yellow Pages® Australia – Goggomobil v=T6b Utqjt Qf I Matel Intellivision Computer – 1984 v=u O1XCj Vud V4 Budget Rent A Car Commercial – 1988 I can't remeber exactly what year this commercial was shown (was only a child) prob late 90's to early 00..was a house dinner party and the grown up man said " I gotta go poo poo" Then later yells out "i'm finished" was advertising a kids toilet paper. I can't find it on youtube, though iknow i've got a vhs tape of it at home... v=b WXLwx-8bx Q One of the many John Gill the Timber Man ads from QLD.

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I remember an ad for a ute, I can't remember what brand, late 80's, where it was coming out of a car crusher and dirving over all the wrecks of the other cars....anyone remember it? Here's some Christian Television Association goodness for you! This would have been around the same time as this one: However, there are plenty of gifts you most definitely shouldn’t give your loved ones and that’s where I come in.And let’s just say you find plenty of terrible gift ideas on the internet if you know where to look. "Eat less fat, eat less salt, eat less sugaaaaaaaaaaaar"... does anyone know where I might find the following old ads: Life Be In It, jingle about eating better...

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