Firing a intimidating employee

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In my case, my staffer started increasingly arriving late without notice, heading out early, and taking long lunches.

I could tell my employee didn’t have a sense of pride about the job or the organization at all and didn’t care at all about getting better.

But also consider if there’s been a decline in productivity for you or among your staff.

Has this person been requiring all of your attention, taking you away from other employees or issues?

And while it was an incredibly tough decision to come to, I identified a few factors that will help me know when it’s the right move in the future.

It’s never pleasant to consider terminating an employee.

And that’s certainly not the type of employee you want to have on your team.

If you’re considering firing someone, chances are his or her own productivity is down.

Is he or she excessively asking other team members for help , brainstorming, or venting?

Does his or her work require multiple revisions or cause project delays?

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