Entp women dating

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However, this doesn’t mean that all ENTPs want someone as adventurous and independent as themselves; it is possible for the ENTP to crave for a stable partner with traditional family values.Having said that, it is more common for ENTPs to fall for someone they can’t figure out, someone who can challenge them intellectually on a consistent basis.Being highly entrepreneurial and autonomous, ENTPs typically find a way to manage their work and life as they see fit.Having said that, ENTPs aren’t particularly inclined to leadership (unlike ENTJ or ESTJ), probably because being a leader involves a lot of responsibility, which may restrict the ENTP’s freedom.Even when they work within an organization, ENTPs tend to behave like entrepreneurs; this may sometimes jeopardize their position or make their colleagues uncomfortable.

Their worst nightmare is to work under someone who demands considerable rule following; if you want to get along with your ENTP subordinate, consider making suggestions rather than giving orders.Generally, ENTPs are great visionaries and innovative thinkers.Unfortunately, some other types have a particularly hard time working under the ENTP’s leadership.They will attempt to examine each option logically, often using a predefined list of criteria to facilitate the decision-making process.ENTP Learning Style ENTPs love to learn for the sake of learning and not for the sake of grades or recognition.

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