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He said, “in general Korean guys don’t like Black women because they’re afraid, but they’re curious about sleeping with them.” Although D.

Specifically on this blog, a contributor, a Black woman, shared her story of rejection by a Korean man whose mother wouldn’t let him continue dating her.

The beauty part is the most ironic to me, considering that our features and cultural style choices are often celebrated on Non-Black women (full lips, wide hips, braids, etc).

“I run into a lot of guys who think its exotic”, she said, “and just want to know what the sex is like.” And surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, W.

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Let’s Talk About Sex Personally, I know many Black women are concerned that men of other races are just into dating for fun, or for physical/sexual reasons.Last time we had over 100 - and that was in the summer!We are the group for singles in the Triangle to meet and enjoy fun events together.We’re told by the media, and sometimes to our faces, that we’re less beautiful, more brash, and too independent to be considered marriage material.M, our lone Black woman, doesn’t think most Korean men see Black women as marriage material, and instead see them as exotic notches to add to their belt.

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