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In December 2011 the bay, as well as much of the Nelson/Tasman region, was hit by heavy rain and flooding.

This affected many homes around the Pohara/Ligar Bay/Tata Beach/Wainui area.

Basal part of the spit approaches to the North West Nelson National Park.

It is known for being a popular tourist destination, because of its good weather and relaxed, friendly lifestyle.

In 1770, during his first voyage, English explorer James Cook included the bay as part of Blind Bay, but upon his second voyage to the bay in 1773 realised that it was in fact the location of Murderers Bay.

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Archaeological evidence has not shown any large settlements so it is likely that the iwi normally lived in whanau based groups scattered along the coast but mainly in the eastern bay at Ligar Beach, Tata Beach and Wainui Bay where there are 20 known archaeological sites in a 10 km zone.

The couple married on , and Myers later referred to Ruzan as "his muse". He played in the 2010 Soccer Aid for UNICEF UK football match, England vs. The Rest of the World team beat England for the first time since the tournament started. Peter at the time was senior director of planning at Sears head office in Toronto, and he was laid off in 2017 without severance despite 36 years of service after Sears Canada filed for bankruptcy protection.

He named two characters in the first Austin Powers movie Commander Gilmour and General Borschevsky, for then-Maple Leafs players Doug Gilmour and Nikolai Borschevsky. At the age of 12, he made a guest appearance as Ari on the TV series King of Kensington.

Along its southern coast are the towns of Takaka and Collingwood, and also the Abel Tasman National Park.

Separation Point, the natural boundary between Golden and Tasman Bays is situated within the park.

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