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Stewart's best hope is to sell the company but given the trouble she has caused it's hard to imagine who would buy MSO.

Zynga Zynga, the creator of Farm Ville and Words With Friends, has suffered a serious drought of follow-up hits.

As one analyst recently noted to Bloomberg, with the exception of Zynga Poker, the company has failed to produce a sustained mobile hit in ages.

For players of Words With Friends, that would be like having only O's and U's.

Lampert, who became Sears CEO this year, is trying to unload any assets not nailed to the floor as the company's cash begins to dwindle.

Sears has announced plans to spin off Lands' End and sell its auto centers, a deal that one analyst estimates could be worth as much as .5 billion.

Though the company had 3 million in cash as of Sept.

As he continues to lose control over Sears, pressure will mount on Lampert to either take the venerable retailer private or sell it to someone else. The company has seen its market capitalization shrink by 98 percent.Stewart has proven far more adept at fashioning crafts than at developing a coherent, successful corporate strategy.The company's executive offices have seen a revolving cast of managers, but none have managed to get profits blooming.Even those profits may be in jeopardy as the company has had to revise its partnership with J. Penney after being caught in the middle of a nasty battle between that retailer and Macy's.Investors have complained that Stewart is vastly overpaid and she cut her pay in response.

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