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It is difficult to get the thin wrapping to cook through without being too mushy, while keeping the juices inside the meat filling just right, yet Jin Ding Xuan manages to perfect this skill.The atmosphere of this place is great for double or even triple dates – it is decorated like an ancient Chinese palace… Be warned though: the toilets, although extremely clean, are squat toilets, not the typical seated ones Americans are used to seeing.Many people often go there to relax after taking touring the famous Lama Temple, Temple of Confucius, or walking on the Great Wall.Jin Ding Xuan serves the typical dim-sum dishes that you will find at any dim-sum restaurants – however, I highly recommend the shumai.Jin Ding Xuan Afternoon tea with dim sum on a weekend with your entire extended family is a tradition that is valued and upkept by many families, even the most modern ones.Jin Ding Xuan is in the neighborhood near Tiananmen.Guangyuelou This tower, also known as the Light Tower, is surrounded by Dongchang Lake.It houses some rich cultural history since it has housed many emperors and empresses from the Song to the Tang Dynasty.

Since tickets range in prices from very inexpensive to more pricey depending on seating and who is performing, it is easy to catch a show before you leave just to experience the venue.

Here is a guide of some of the top restaurants that I have been to in Beijing.

If you enjoy good authentic Chinese cuisine, I highly recommend these.

It is one of Liaocheng district’s famous towers and symbols.

Bei Jing Haidilao Hot Pot (Wangfujing) Hot Pot is another type of dining style common amongst the Chinese.

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