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But it is proof that a show can't go through constant cancellations and reshuffling and remain intact. It is now part of the system itself"Guy's" humor has a masterful ability to appeal to "Star Trek" nerds and drunken frat boys alike.It also suffers from the same fate that has plagued "The Simpsons". It has become lazy in a belief that it can do no wrong in the eyes of it's fans. And it is hard to deny the TV geek in my doesn't flip out when they do something half of either audience won't get like weave a "Star Wars" joke into a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" reference.Yes, "The Simpsons" have covered similar ground, with a particular emphasis on random flashbacks and fantasy scenes.

Animated feature-length films have carved a niche in American culture as a viable and enduring art form.Given that they where envisioned as clichés in the first place, putting the weight of a story on their backs only shows how lacking the show is for character depth. "Family Guy" was about velocity, randomness and obscure 1% gags.Even Stewie, once a source for huge laughs, is stripped down to a single latent homosexuality joke. I won't go as far as to say that "Family Guy" beyond seasons 4 and 5 is proof that a dead show should probably remain dead.This constant shakeup has got to take a toll on a series' rhythm.When the show returned for a 3rd season it felt lacking of something.

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